Mike Velesk Games


Life of Holly

Or LOH in short is a game set in a modern times. The game offers two scenarios - you can play either as a Holly or Jake. Each scenario present different game play, challenges and situations

Holly scenario is a sim-life style game. You must take care of you basic needs, such as hunger or sleep. You earn money by working in various jobs. There is an extensive skill tree that unlocks additional jobs, clothes and situations. You have a complete control over your appearance - from clothes you wear, hairstyle, nail polish, to various plastic surgeries. Your goal is to turn ugly duckling virgin into a sexy slut.

Jake scenario is more story driven. You line in a distopian society, where only a small fraction of men is fertile. You are among the few lucky ones and as such, you are granted a special priviledges. If playyed right, any girl in the city can be yours.