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29.09.2021 Life of Holly; Jake's scenario v1.2 is out - Main quest continues. You will end up helping Mantis to free her partner Ash from woman's prison. New features, including in-game help and x-ray vision.
26.08.2021 Warlock of Lust v1.6 is out - A new quest line centered around pregnancy - your goal will be to infiltrate the Order's seminary and impregnate all candidates for high priestess.
26.07.2021 Warlock of Lust v1.5 released - Pregnancy and more content for both maid Ella and Pyia. Pyia have new story line, focused on her pregnancy. New content for Ludus Master - new item and new quest line.
27.06.2021 Warlock of Lust v1.4 is out - Elven story line expanded - palace added, where you can find elven queen and her three daughter (lots of tasks and scenes). 3 new random encounters added.
28.05.2021 Life of Holly v1.1 - update for Jake's scenario. Main plot continues, two new characters introduced - Supergirl and Omega Star. New scenes for Niki and harem mansion inhabitants. Major structural changes for platform, including new animation format.
26.04.2021 Life of Holly v1.0 - update for Jake's scenario. First section of a main plot added with two new characters - Niki and Mantis. Mansion content significantly extended. Game tweaked to access mansion and main quest sooner. Policewoman Ellen added.
27.03.2021 Life of Holly v0.9 and Ludus Master v0.3 out - Maid job added for LOH and the entire seduction system was redone for the purpose of simplification. Dueling and pit fighter training added to LM.
24.02.2021 Warlock of Lust v1.3 and Ludus Master v0.2 out - Harem room for WOL added. A LOT of new content for LM. Inventory/items system reworked. Various bug fixes and visual improvements
27.01.2021 Warlock of Lust v1.2 is out - Quest in the orc camp added. Breeding now works - all minions can be upgraded up to 3 times. Many new scenes for existing characters.
19.12.2020 Warlock of Lust v1.1 is out - Random encounters added (farm, tavern, ambush by moonelves). Manual control of scenes now available. Visual improvements (shadows, lighting, ground...). Memory optimization. Bug fixes.
26.11.2020 Warlock of Lust v1.0 is out - Two new story-lines centered around the princess Alexandra and the Abbess of the convent. You can now hire an Elven scout to uncover random dungeons weekly.
28.10.2020 Warlock of Lust v0.95 released - Elven princess Elaine story continues. Amazon camp with bard Dale added. Corruption of queen Augusta storyline start. Ludus master v0.01 concept introduced.
26.09.2020 LOH Jake's scenario v0.8 out - Lana's story concluded - free rooms in mansion available. New skill added to unlock various fetish scenes with most in-game characters.
27.08.2020 LOH Jake's scenario v0.75 out - Lana's story continues with the introduction of her step-mom Livia. Beach added with numerous NPCs to interact with, including a lifeguard Pamela.
28.07.2020 Warlock of Lust v0.9 out - Alizabeth's story line concluded (3 possible endings). Maid Dora added. Sound and sound effects added. Lana full voice over.
25.06.2020 Warlock of Lust v0.8 out - Lana's story continues. Beginning of a new story line with inquisitor Sallia and countess Alizabeth. Voice over for Jennyfer.
25.05.2020 Life of Holly v0.7 out - Porn studio and church added with several new NPCs. Approx. 20 new scenes altogether and many minor tweaks. Jobs as pornstar and nun available.
25.04.2020 Life of Holly v0.6(Jake's scenario) relesead - Multiple characters added. TV studio storyline and Lana's storyline. Harem mansion added. Ability to rename characters for premium users.
27.03.2020 Warlock of Lust v0.75 released - Princess Lana storyline added (first part). Diana's story continues; hiring virgin guard after her initiation. Spells added. Improvements to combat mode.
24.02.2020 Warlock of Lust v0.7 released - New quest line with Jennyfer and the Academy of Magic added. Random dungeon generator functional. New scenes and bug fixes.
24.01.2020 Life of Holly 0.5 released - Jake scenario - Sound effects and x-ray vision added. Lots of new scenes in locations: church, supermarket, hospital, nightclub. Post-action cinematics added to a lot of existing scenes.
21.12.2019 Life of Holly 0.45 out - Jake scenario - NPCs system added with impregnation mechanics. Several special NPCs added, including Kelly, Peggy, Holly and Charlotte.
29.11.2019 Life of Holly 0.4 out - "Jake-Platinum pass" scenario added. You can now play as Jake and buy different passes to gain access to girls. In this version, only random NPCs girls are present.
28.10.2019 Warlock of Lust 0.6 out - Centaurs and amaznos added. Amazon princess Diana added - can be captured. 2 new combat maps and 3 combat situations. Major memory management fix.
27.09.2019 Life of Holly v0.3 released - House starting location added with Jake and Charlotte. Two new jobs - stripper and hooker. New locations - strip bar, sex shop, pharmacy, house. Sound effects added.
29.08.2019 Warlock of Lust v0.5 released - Village added with trader and peasants. Pyia's story continued, Breeding added.
28.07.2019 Life of Holly v0.2 released - Hospital added - nurse job. Barn added - working as milking/licking/breeding cow. Female NPCs. Balancing tweaks to reduce grinding.
05.07.2019 Total Seduction v2.4 out - Final version of the game. Farm added, Charlotte and Lila can be milked. Game made free (all premium content and cheats available). Multiple bug fixes and added some translations.
24.06.2019 Warlock of Lust v0.4 released - New content focusing on cook Anna and squire Lyria. New breakable enemy Rogue. Scenes between breakable enemies and player added.
04.06.2019 Life of Holly v0.11 published - bug fix version of v0.1 - many memory leaks and bugs repaired. No new game content.
25.05.2019 Life of Holly v0.1 released - playable version of the game. Many new items, locations, options and scenes.
26.04.2019 Life of Holly demo released - first, demo version of the new game, primary focused on presenting new features and game world.
29.03.2019 Total Seduction v2.3 released - Harem update. Harem room added (accessible after simple quest). Several general scenes added, mostly involving Nicol and other girl.
02.03.2019 Warlock of Lust v0.3 released - Elven princess Elaine quest line added, scribe Hesy and court handmaiden extended.
31.01.2019 Total Seduction v2.2 released - Lesbian update. Many lesbian scenes added and are available after completing a simple quest.
10.01.2019 Total Seduction v2.1 released - new character Holly, German and Spanish translation.
01.12.2018 Warlock of Lust v0.2 released
25.10.2018 Webpage started